About Classic Sport Leicht

Classic Sport Leicht

Although we have worked in our Paris workshop on Classic Mercedes Benz for 8 years, our small, intimate team of craftsmen have collectively many decades of experience working with these fabulous cars. In that time, we have had the privilege of undertaking work on some of the most significant 300 SL Gullwing and Roadster models made; from illustrious competition cars and factory prototypes, to cars which have taken us years to track down and have represented reference examples of originality.

These cars are all about driving, and we go to great lengths to ensure the SL's we work on drive as beautifully as they look after extensive restoration or preservation work. Although personal satisfaction is the best reason to enjoy a great classic, the right cars represent a safe investment. Knowledge is critical in this discerning market. Buyers are looking for cars that are absolutely as original as possible and a well preserved original car with good provenance and good history remains the pinnacle of desirability.

Extensive experience working with classic Mercedes Benz

Whatever the condition of the car, our philosophy in approaching our work is that we exist purely to do justice to the cars and present them in the most authentic state possible relating to the condition in which they would have left the factory. When we start a project working with customers we hope they join us for a journey of discovery, sharing the thrill of bringing a car back to life and doing justice to the preservation of an automotive icon. Our approach and fastidious attention to detail takes time! It can take three years for us to bring a car up to a standard we are happy with. Ideally, we look for customers who share our vision