Our Services

Our workshop is situated in the heart of Paris, presenting a true hidden gem for enthusiasts of Classic Mercedes Benz models. At any time there are usually 10 cars in our characterful boutique workshop, busy with artisans working hard!

These cars have justifiably represented a pinnacle in automotive engineering for 60 years, and we really feel privileged to work on these icons.

We offer a range of services and our intimate team are well versed in every aspect of work required to maintain or restore these cars to perfect running order. Although we major on 300 SL Gullwing and 300 SL Roadster activity, we do look after other Mercedes Benz models; the 190 SL, Pagoda series right up to the rarest contemporary Mercedes, such as the only CLK LM roadcar in the world...

Sales & Acquisition

Let’s get to the point, 300 SL Gullwings and Roadsters have always been valuable cars, but today their position in the pantheon of collectable classics means most examples represent significant seven-figure investments for their lucky owners.

Mistakes on appraising these cars can be costly, the premium for a good original car over a poorly restored example is high.

Buying Selling


If you own a 300 SL and are looking to find out more about its history and enhance the provenance of the car, we can help. We routinely evaluate cars for owners all over the world to confirm their originality and condition, and if required suggest a plan of action to improve the car for driving as well as its financial value. We also provide expert consultancy for litigation and probate purposes, specifically on 300 SL models.

Our intimate knowledge, together with our research resources and hard won skills in appraising authenticity, mean we can provide you with valuable advice, whether you wish to improve your own car or evaluate a potential purchase. If you’re new to the world of 300 SL's and need a guiding hand, arrange to come to our showroom for an informal chat! You can see first-hand some great examples of the model and we'll happily share our knowledge to help make your introduction to 300 SL ownership an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

Restoration & Preservation

Our approach to restoration is very thorough and typically takes three years and several thousand hours to produce the quality of work with which we are associated. We tend not to accept full restoration commissions unless the client shares our uncompromising vision to produce the best possible work. Projects we undertake involve thorough research activity well before we pick up the tools. Knowledge of original components and finishes is critical if you really want to do justice to these major restorations.

Preservation is our favourite area of activity! Nothing is more rewarding than preserving and bring back to life an original design icon with authentic, original components. This can be an intensive process with serious demands on time, however, the market for these cars cherishes originality above all, and where possible on any project - even down to the smallest components - we aim to preserve originality. The thrill of bringing original components back to pristine condition and serviceable life is our raison d'etre!